Common Problems That Cause Hand Pain

Hand pain occurs to a person of any age for many different reasons. Sometimes it occurs due to an accident or injury while other times, the cause is not so clear. While a variety of over-the-counter treatments exist for some types of hand pain, visiting with a trusted hand doctor ensures that you do not damage the hand further and that you get the best treatments possible.

Why Does My Hand Hurt?

What are some of the most common problems that cause people hand pain?

·         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: One of the most common causes of hand and wrist pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may cause weakness and tightening in the hand as well as extreme pain. Many people say the pain is worse at night. People who work in industries requiring repetitive hand motions experience this condition more often than other people.

·         Tendonitis: This condition occurs when the tendons become inflamed. This can occur due to many causes, including overworking and overstretching the muscles.

·         Fracture: A hand fracture occurs when any bones in the hand or wrist are separated. This can occur from playing sports, picking objects up inappropriately, or for any number of additional concerns.

·         Arthritis: Another common cause of hand pain, arthritis typically affects older individuals but can occur at any age. A person can experience one or more different types of arthritis.

This is not a complete list of problems that may cause hand pain but some of the most common.

Hand Pain is No Laughing Matter

Any type of hand pain can be excruciating to the sufferer. When you experience pain that does not subside within a few days, get the expert help that a medical provider offers. You deserve the comfort they can help you achieve.