Prescription Pills: A Vector For Addiction

You might not even know it, but somebody in your life could have an addiction to prescription pills, such as painkillers or opioids. It is a common problem, and one potentially unseen by friends and family until it is too late for some addicts.

Knowing the signs of addiction to prescription medications could help save the life of someone you care about should you ever notice them. To familiarize yourself with the potential symptoms that someone could be abusing prescriptions, check out some of the top signs that could be an indication of addiction.

Have you seen someone run out of a prescription way too soon? If, for example, you see a friend or family member get a prescription for a painkiller such as hydrocodone, only to find that they have taken all of it in a few days’ time? This could be a highly obvious sign of abuse of the drugs.

Have you noticed someone using drugs they don’t have a prescription for? This is another issue altogether from simply abusing their own prescription, because it indicates that they bought or took it from someone who it was genuinely prescribed to.

Sometimes, addicts will try to solicit prescriptions from several different doctors. Local doctors will quickly become privy to their practices, but it might not stop them from getting their hands on some pills they don’t really need.

If you have noticed anyone in your life exhibiting these or other signs that they could be addicted to prescription pills, think about discussing rehabilitation with them so they can get their life back on track. Prescription pill abuse can often lead to overdose and also have fatal implications when combined with substances like alcohol, so suggest to your loved one or friend that they should look for the help of trusted detox programs in flowood, ms so they can return to a life of safety and sobriety.